The Natural Way: Look younger while getting older

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I saw a segment on the news about a clinic in Las Vegas that specializes in anti-aging. At $1,000 a week, you can get access to powerful prescribed drugs (including potential side effects) just so you can beat the reaper longer ... maybe. Anti-aging isn’t the proper word. We all age; helping the body recuperate and fix itself is the key to looking younger as you get older.

Wrinkles — a sign of wisdom or not enough L-carnosine? The beneficial impact of this amino acid on skin and connective tissue are well-established. Skin (and connective tissue) benefits by having its life span increased. It can continue to divide and remain healthy longer. As we age, the connective tissue cells in the inner layer of skin dwindles because of the inability of the cells to divide. This leads to inelasticity, wrinkles and poor wound healing.  Carnosine reverses this and according to Dr. William Campbell Douglas helps prevent aging throughout the body. Carnosine is a powerful antioxidant that the body digests best when taken with a quality probiotics and between meals. Additionally, Toki, a supplement of collagen blended with hyaluronic and dermatinic acid taken each day definitely replaces the padding under the skin, which puffs the wrinkles away and reduces dark spots. Though a little pricy, it is far cheaper than you might think.

A good antioxidant supplement will go a long way.  Antioxidants do a lot of different things and are greatly beneficial. This is partly why a diet rich in fresh, colorful veggies is so good for us.  An antioxidant supplement should include vitamins A, C, E (natural), B2, B6, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, alpha lipoic acid, L-cysteine and L-glutathione (reduced). Some include CoQ10 but I like to supplement with larger amounts than typically found in most antioxidant formulas.

According to Dr. Ronald Lawrence of U.C.L.A.,  a surprise benefit of taking about 2000 mg/day of MSM is that folks may notice benefits such as softer skin, harder nails, thicker hair and softening of scar tissue.  Hmmm ... better hair, nails, softer skin with fewer wrinkles — sounds good. A trip to Vegas can be fun but this can be done here in the Ozarks.