ESSA to begin fall session in September

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Eureka Springs School of the Arts will kick off its summer session in September. There will be four workshops offered at that time.

Barbara Kennedy will teach “Oil Painting” from Sept. 11-15. Students will study oil painting with an emphasis on color, as well as learn about composition, shape and form. Each morning will start with a short drawing experience and then work on individual projects. Students will be encouraged to explore their own creativity.

James White will teach “Reverse Glass Painting,” where students will explore a unique painting process utilizing primarily and acrylic medium on the reverse side of sheet glass. Also, the inclusion of non-traditional methods and materials such as spray painting, resists, stencils and mixed media will be explored. Students will be encouraged to recycle used or found picture frames and glass.

Victoria Patti will teach “Metal Pendulum Sculpture” from Sept. 18-22. This class introduces students to forged metal design ideas that aid in competently designing their own metal pendulum sculpture. Each student will be guided and aided through a design process by learning basic principles and elements of design and applying them to forged metal sculpture. The instructor will demonstrate several forging techniques, connections and finishes that can be used in their sculpture design.

Spencer Meagher will teach “Watercolor - Inside Out” from Sept. 25-29. This workshop will focus on watercolor, plein air to studio and mastering techniques in both environments. The instructor will demonstrate various applications of watercolor techniques including washes, wet-on-wet and dry brush splattering. Students will paint two quarter sheet paintings each day. Variances in equipment will be discussed as appropriate.

Sign up today, and learn more about all Eureka Springs School of the Arts workshops at or phone (479) 253-5384.

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