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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Insurance isn’t assuring

We as a people no matter what our race or creed or sexual orientation is have basic fundamental expectations from the society that we live in or we would not. One of these that are on my shortlist are contracts that we agree to and we find out when we attempt to use the service that within and as a result of this contract that it has “fine print” and in this “fine print” that if knew we would not have participated in the contract in the first place.  

What I am talking about is insurance providers in the state of Arkansas. My first experience when coming to Arkansas was that it was not the people who sat on the state insurance review board that was in charge of who and how insurance was provided in the state but the carriers themselves. My experience had to do with an Insurance provider I had for over 30 years in Texas and they would not cover me in Eureka Springs.

So I filed a complaint with the State Insurance Review Board and two months later was told it was just their business practice and they would not provide service to me in the state of Arkansas.  So I had to contract with an unknown provider due to the total non support by the State Insurance review board.

I personally am as are others that I work with appalled as to the extent that these insurance carriers can and do misrepresent themselves when proving what they call insurance within the state of Arkansas. I would like to see a survey taken about how well the people show these insurance providers are serving Arkansas. I believe that the survey would support my claim of terrible and substandard performance.

Since when do insurance companies make billions of dollars in profits and only pay out 10 percent of their premium charges. This is one of the core aspects that is behind the curtain of greed that we need to expose to the light of day and start taking back our rights we fully deserve out of this society. So if you are really want to change the world let us start with the insurance providers in Arkansas.    

— Ferguson Stewart

Will it be soon enough?

Wisdom teachings are there for us. We’ve had them for quite some time. Love one another.  Have compassion and help those in need. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Money and physical possessions don’t bring true happiness. Take care of the planet and all its lifeforms.  Beware of hatred, greed, and questing for power, prestige, and fame. Despite knowing these things, we struggle to follow them. Current events suggest we are possessed by a dark, destructive side of human nature— what Carl Jung called the shadow — albeit some of us more than others. Jung hoped human consciousness would evolve, but he feared it might not happen fast enough to save us from self-destruction. The hatred, bigotry, violence, greed, selfishness, lying, and wanton materialism in our country are the very things about which Jung worried. They are embodied in the man we elected president, but he is not alone. Many of our leaders don’t represent what is best in humanity, but what is most vile. Still, I do know a great many people who are loving, kind, compassionate human beings who embody those higher teachings. They do not follow the way of Trump. In them I recognize our growth in consciousness. We are evolving.  But will it be soon enough?  

— Gary Toub, Ph.D.                 

Thank you

It is with deep appreciation that Carroll County Music Group (CCMG) wishes to thank all who attended or performed at the CCMG 10th Anniversary Celebration and Potluck, which was held Sunday afternoon, Aug. 13, at the First United Methodist Church. The celebration of CCMG’s 10 years of steady growth and commitment in supporting education of the arts in our area and of encouraging artistic endeavor among our talented youth was enjoyed by a crowd of over 70 supporters of CCMG.  

Special thanks goes to First United Methodist Church for use of their Church and Fellowship Hall, to Sun Fest Grocery for providing bottled water, and especially to our talented performers: Elisha Piatt on Clarinet, Janie Matthews with Voice, the Mills Family String Quartet, and the combined members of both the FUMC Chancel Choir and the Ozarks Chorale.  

Many thanks to the CCMG membership who donated food for the potluck and finally, CCMG Vice President Carol Morrison, CCMG Secretary Benjamin Winn and Member Vicki Shutters are to be commended for their thoughtful planning and execution of this marvelous event. CCMG is a non-profit organization that makes a difference in the lives of our our area’s rising artists ... become a member! Visit our Facebook page or contact Sharon Parker at her email address.


– Sharon Parker

CCMG President

Carroll County Music Group

Our nation’s greed

The RAISE act is not based on facts. Wages are low in the US because that is what US corporations want. That is what your donors want. That is the way that both parties want it. We want low-priced everything and don’t bother us about whether it is safe, unhealthy or bad for the planet.

My wife and I both have associate’s degrees and worked hard and honestly for the chance to retire. We have saved enough money to not be a burden to anyone. We take people as we find them. We treat people as we would hope to be treated. Not because it was beaten into us but because we know the difference between right and wrong. But, with our education and the savings we have, under RAISE we would not be welcome here. We scored only 18 out of the required 30 points. In this way the RAISE act is a success, we are just who you would want kept out, because we feel so much empathy for the millions who desire to better their lives and help to make this amazing place, a monument of hope, opportunity and tolerance. We want to share the incredible richness of North America with all who need and desire it, not just those who wish to exploit it. Who do you feel empathy for Mr. Cotton, Tyson’s, Walmart or maybe the Koch Brothers?  You, I am sure, will continue to fight for the wealthy right-leaning powerful, you will pander to the fears of those who blame their problems on anyone who doesn’t look or talk or worship like them. The Nazis had great success with this tactic. Government based on fear is tried and true, but it is wrong, it is based on lies and it is un-American.

I hope our nation can be great again and be that vision of hope, that beacon of freedom that once again proclaims,

“Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

You talk as if you have to protect us from them, we are them, and they are us. If we can’t embrace all of mankind and save our little, insignificant planet at the same time, it is all for not.

- Mark Eastburn

Trump is to blame

On Aug. 12, peaceful anti-racists who were opposing the KKK glorification march in Charlotesville, VA, were attacked by a car-as-bomb. Twenty people were hurt and one person was killed.

President Cheatolini commented at his press conference: “…we condemn...violence ... on many sides, on many sides...It has been going on for a long time in our country... for a long, long time.” He never said the words: racists, KKK or white supremacists.

Charlottesville, who voted 80 percent for Hillary, planned to remove its statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. The KKK, Neo-Nazis, and ‘Unite the Right’ budding Fascists decked themselves in white sheets and black uniforms with KKK badges carrying black flags, shouted “Blood and Soil.”

Some Southern cities are removing vestiges of slavery and the Confederacy such as statues glorifying Generals and Presidents who benefited from slavery and from slaughtering Native Americans. White supremacists see this as a slight against their historic way of life.

President Cheatolini talks about love -- while denying trans folk their human rights; while refusing to call out racists, white supremacists and anti-Semitic “alt-right” supporters; while creating a mean and hate-filled “Immigration Bill;” and, while playing with nuclear bombs and threatening another crazy man and the whole Pacific Rim with destruction!

One “tweeter” said Charlottesville would have happened anyway and we couldn’t blame him. Yes, we can blame an egotistical, money-grubbing, arrogant and incompetent man whose only admirers are Putin, white supremacists and willingly ignorant voters.

— Trella Laughlin