Eureka Springs competes in GF track meet

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Green Forest Tigers hosted their first annual cross country meet on Saturday.

Bentonville West stole the show in the boys race, taking the top four positions. Prairie Grove’s Bekah Bostain won the girls race. Individual results are as follows:

Boys race: Bentonville West won, scoring 16 points. Berryville finished third with 84 points, while Green Forest finished fourth, scoring 111 points and Eureka Springs finished sixth, scoring 144 points. Nicholas Lachance of Bentonville West won with a time of 16 minutes and 56 seconds. Green Forest’s Rafael Rosales finished fifth in 17:29, while Eureka Springs’ Kayden Eckman finished 11th in 18:01 and Green Forest’s Lexington Hilton finished 13th in 18:09. Berryville’s Eduardo Rangel finished 14th in 18:13, while teammates Brian Tovar finished 15th in 18:14 and Braden Scrivner finished 17th in 18:16. Berryville’s Carlos Garduno finished 18th in 18:18, while Eureka Springs’ Taylor Stephenson finished 22nd in 18:42 and Berryville’s Nathan Engel finished 24th in 18:51. Green Forest’s Tono Mendez finished 33rd in 19:43, while Berryville’s Daniel Portillo finished 35th in 19:49 and Green Forest’s Colin Delavin finished 37th in 20:01. Green Forest’s Jonathan Farias finished 38th in 20:05, while Eureka Springs’ Dalton Arnold finished 39th in 20:23 and Berryville’s Caden Nickell finished 40th in 20:27. Berryville’s Austin Escobar finished 41st in 20:29, while Green Forest’s Allen DeLeon finished 42nd in 20:29 and Grant Lee of Berryville finished 43rd in 20:30. Green Forest’s Ezequiel Calderon finished 44th in 20:30, while teammates Urabano Reyes finished 45th in 20:31 and Jair Juarez finished 46th in 20:42. Eureka Springs’ Garrett Cross finished 52nd in 21:14, while Green Forest’s Anthony Jiminez finished 53rd in 21:15 and Berryville’s Fredric Leroy finished 57th in 21:37. Green Forest’s David Aguinaga finished 58th in 21:42, while Eureka Springs’ Austin Maloney finished 62nd in 22:05 and Berryville’s Dominic Henry finished 64th in 22:09. Berryville’s Justin Trujillo finished 66th in 22:24, while Eureka Springs’ Levi Crider finished 67th in 22:37 and Green Forest’s Eli Gomez finished 68th in 22:57. Green Forest’s Kevin Solorzano finished 70th in 23:23, while Eureka Springs’ Jackson Cross finished 71st in 23:35 and Eureka Springs’ Grant Arnold finished 75th in 27:11. Hayden Bullock of Eureka Springs finished 78th in 28:04.

Girls Race: Bentonville West won, scoring 38 points. Berryville finished third, scoring 72 points and Green Forest finished fifth, scoring 87 points. Eureka Springs didn’t have enough girls to form a team. Bekah Bostain of Prairie Grove won with a time of 19 minutes and 41 seconds. Gabi Bloch of Eureka Springs finished fifth in 21:29, while Berryville’s Alexis Henry finished eighth in 22:23 and teammate Cecilia Doss finished 10th in 22:35. Green Forest’s Lucy Rios finished 12th in 22:49, while teammate Lyndsay Anglin finished 18th in 24:09 and Berryville’s Sarah Hale finished 19th in 24:33. Green Forest’s Emily Bolen finished 20th in 24:35, while teammate Yaritza Quintanilla finished 21st in 24:58 and Eureka Springs’ Savannah Reeves finished 24th in 25:29. Berryville’s Millan Ryd finished 26th in 25:49, while Berryville’s Hope Braziel finished 28th in 25:55 and teammate Alejandra Hernandez finished 29th in 26:03. Berryville’s Raquel Perez finished 30th in 26:06, while teammate Trinity Rains finished 31st in 26:09 and Green Forest’s Margarita Vega finished 35th in 26:42. Green Forest’s Andrea Lopez finished 37th in 27:11, while Eureka Springs’ Katelyn Ross finished 39th in 28:35 and Berryville’s Hannah Stewart finished 41st in 29:26. Berryville’s Claira Watson finished 42nd in 30:03.

On Wednesday, Green Forest and Eureka Springs will compete in the Bomber Invitational in Mountain Home.

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