The Natural Way: Prevent Holiday weight gain

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

We are going into our biologic

winter mode. Mother Nature has

given us an automatic way of protecting

ourselves during winter and

difficult times; we put on extra weight. We donít

need it.

Weight loss (and gain) is based upon many ingrained

characteristics. We all have a base metabolic

rate, which is different from anyone else. Some folks

have an engine that constantly revs high while others

barely putter along. Our age has to do with fat stores,

as does whether we are male or female. The effect

of the hormones produced by the thyroid gland can

make the difference between being skinny as a rail,

or no matter how hard you try, weight just wonít

come off. Therefore an all natural thyroid support

product can do wonders.

Medicines can cause weight gain so if you can

shift to a natural supplement then do so. If you

reach for a can of Betty Crocker frosting when you

get emotionally upset (comfort food) that can make

you a two-ton Tessie/Tom too. Perhaps using CBD

or L-5HTP to help with nervousness or mood is in

order. To make it all the more frustrating we all have

ďset points,Ē which the body comes to and then stubbornly

refuses to budge down. Thatís when doing a

natural cleanse can be good.

Most people arenít overweight, they are overfat.

A football player can be overweight even without

much fat. A guy needs at least 4 to 6 percent body fat

to stay healthy while a woman needs at least 10 to 14

percent. So now we talk about muscle mass. Muscle

weighs more than fat. So someone who is well muscled,

like the football player, could be overweight

according to height/weight/age/gender scales. Body

mass indexing is a good way to measure progress

while the bathroom scale isnít.

Weight loss is complicated. Your weight shouldnít

be based upon pictures in magazines or societal

pressure but upon your acceptance of yourself and

how you want to be. Bottom line is you have to burn

more than you take in. Find a food plan you can get

into and stick with, one that wonít make you feel

deprived. Exercise at least three times a week; aerobics

is best for weight loss. Use supplements in combination

such as Garcinia cambogia and chromium

picolinate and trust the many herbals that help with

insulin levels.