Council appoints Greene to Ward 2 position

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Eureka Springs City Council has a

new person at the table.

On Monday night, the council voted to

appoint Melissa Greene to the open Ward

2 position. The position was previously

held by Peg Adamson, who announced

Nov. 13 she would be resigning from the

position as of midnight Dec. 31. Adamson

served on the council for nearly a year before

resigning her post.

Alderwoman Kristi Kendrick moved

to accept Adamson’s resignation Monday

night, and the council unanimously

agreed. Kendrick then moved to elect a

new person to the position. Alderwoman

Mickey Schneider said the council would

have to figure out a few details before doing


“We need to know who’s running,

something about them and/or their background,”

Schneider said. “We have to decide

if we’re going to vote by ballot, by

voice, by paper … however. We’ve got

a lot of decisions to make before we decide.”

“I don’t see why we can’t do that right

now,” Kendrick said.

“We can do it tonight,” Schneider said.

The council agreed to appoint someone

to the position, and alderman David Mitchell

said city clerk Ann Armstrong had

drawn up a ballot including the names of

everyone interested

in it.

The names

on the ballot,

A r m s t r o n g

said, were

Greg Moon,

Pat Matsukis,


DeVito, Taylor


and Greene.

M i t c h e l l

asked if the council members would need

to sign their ballots after voting, and mayor

Butch Berry said they would.

“No, we don’t,” Schneider said.

“We went through this before,” Berry

said. “According to the Municipal League,

it has to be signed.”

Mitchell moved to follow the Arkansas

Municipal League’s regulations and sign

the ballots. Schneider said she didn’t want

to do that.

“I don’t care what the Municipal League

has decided on their own. They are not an

election commission, federal or state level,”

Schneider said. “They do not understand

that a written ballot vote is private.

This is illegal.”

She continued, “This is against American

rights from the very beginning of this

country. If you’re too chicken to stand up

to the Municipal League or this sate, you

should, because this is illegal.”

“We went through this the last time,”

Berry said. “There’s a motion on the floor.”

“If you’re going to sign it, I’m out of

here, because, I’m sorry, I refuse to break

the law,” Schneider said.

Schneider left the meeting, and the

council agreed to vote using the ballots.

Greene received three votes, with Weaver

receiving one. Kendrick moved to take a

five-minute recess to allow Berry to swear

Greene into office, and the council agreed

to do so.

After she was sworn in, Greene said she

was grateful to the council for appointing

her to the position and excited to serve the

citizens of Eureka Springs.

She resigned from the Eureka Springs

Planning Commission and the Eureka

Springs Historic District Commission at

the end of the meeting but said she’d step

in again if the planning commission needed

help meeting a quorum.

The council’s next regular meeting is

scheduled for 6 p.m. Monday, Jan. 22, at

The Auditorium.

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