Planning commission OKs conditional use permit on Pivot Rock Road

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Pivot Rock Road will have some new

lodging soon.

The Eureka Springs Planning Commission

kicked off its regular meeting

Tuesday, Feb. 13, with a public hearing

for a conditional use permit application

at 29 Pivot Rock Road, quickly adjourning

the hearing after nobody spoke on the


Chairwoman Ann Tandy-Sallee asked

Katie Hendrickson, the future owner of

the property, to explain her application.

Hendrickson said she lives right next

door to the property, saying the property

is located on three acres and is

tucked behind the road with space for at

least two cars to park. It’s one unit right

now, Hendrickson said, but could easily

be turned into two units to rent out.

She received phone calls supporting

her application, Hendrickson said, from

some of her neighbors. Hendrickson

said she doesn’t own the property yet

but is in the process of closing the sale.

Commissioner Susan Harman asked

if the unit was already being used as

lodging, and city preservation officer

Glenna Booth said Hendrickson submitted

a new application. It’s new tourist lodging,” Booth said.

“It’s not a continuation.”

Commissioner Doug Breitling moved

to approve the request and the commission

unanimously agreed to do so.

Hopefully the units will be ready to host

tourists, Hendrickson said, by March.

“That’s when the season starts,” Harman

said. “It’s going to come up quick.”

The commission moved on to discuss

the way neighbors are notified of upcoming

construction. Tandy-Sallee said

she received calls from neighbors who

live around the new construction near

Legends Saloon saying they weren’t

aware of the activity until it began.

“They were not exactly pleased they

had no knowledge this was going to

happen,” Tandy-Sallee said.

She suggested adding something in

the city’s code requiring some signs to

be placed near new construction.

“I’m not saying we have to send out

notices or do a public hearing, but I do

think we need to put out some signage

to let people know what is happening,”

Tandy-Sallee said. “It’s just something

I wanted to throw out for all of us to


Harman said she wouldn’t have a

problem with that, and the commission

agreed to discuss it at its next regular

meeting scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday,

Feb. 27, at The Auditorium.

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