The Natural Way: Helpful extract

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Polly Cosanol isn’t the name of a little girl who lives next door or even down the street. But if you or your neighbors have elevated cholesterol levels which are worrisome for you, Polly is likely to be found as close as your bathroom vanity. Policosanol has been described as “The most extensively studied natural plant extract for healthy cholesterol levels.”

Policosanol refers to a mixture of compounds derived from the outer wax of sugar cane.  Extensive clinical studies have proved it safe and effective in balancing cholesterol levels.  There are other sources of Policosanol than sugar cane but only this source has been proved to produce results. It has been shown to exert a direct effect on the liver cells that control cholesterol manufacture and breakdown. Specifically, it balances cholesterol levels by impacting excessive manufacture and impaired breakdown of cholesterol. It is also a pretty strong antioxidant and anti-cancer benefit exists. The science is strong.

Nearly 30,000 people have been scientifically evaluated who have used Policosanol. This certainly supports the strong statement, “The most extensively studied natural plant extract for healthy cholesterol levels.” The clinical studies have included short- and long-term randomized, placebo-controlled and safety studies.  All of the bases are covered with gold-standard science.  Policosanol also has been compared favorably to cholesterol-lowering drugs in comparative trials. Research shows small amounts (5-20mg per day) have led to large reductions in LDL (the bad one) cholesterol and/or increases in HDL (the good one). This causes the ratio to improve. Detailed clinical trials have shown Policosanol produces beneficial results within the first 6-8 weeks of use. Many people find adding just 10mg of policosanol to 1200mg of Red Yeast Rice to be profoundly beneficial, especially if you wish to avoid side effects of prescribed drugs.

Folks, if elevated cholesterol has you worried or is so high your blood type is 10W-30, here is a strong yet safe natural product that you can try for less than 40 cents a day.  This combination of Mother Nature and science shows just how compatible opposites can be ... much to our benefit.