The Natural Way: Sleep tight (and right!)

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

It came upon a†midnight†clear, or perhaps earlier. Iím writing about sleep, safe and restful sleep, something we all need and all find elusive at times. For some of us this is temporary but for others it can be long term. Restorative sleep is a requirement for a good life. Supplements can be of great help both in falling asleep and staying asleep longer and are not only effective but also safe.

Sleep rhythm changes according to our age, emotional and physical need. Many people as they get older sleep shorter hours, often taking naps between wake cycles. If you can accommodate this pattern let it happen. If on the other hand you have scheduling pressures and work hours, then setting and maintaining a regular sleep/wake time is needed. Mostly, being able to shut off the thinking and planning at the same time the wave of sleep hits is what causes us to rest longer.

Regularly, I take nine milligrams of melatonin about 15 minutes after Iíve taken 400 milligrams of Sun theanine. Sun theanine is a high-quality supplement with no downside that Iím aware of. The theanine causes my brain to relax without being sedated. I simply find myself at ease without all of that thinking and worry to contend with. The melatonin then kicks in a wave of sleep and off I go to slumber land. The only downside I know of for melatonin is, at higher doses, Iíll get very vivid dreams ... sort of fun and not a bad thing. If I wake up too early and canít easily drop off then Iíll take two more theanine but not the melatonin ensuring I wonít be sluggish at breakfast.

For people with very difficult times going to sleep, I think a relaxation support formula is useful. Iíve had to do this myself from time to time. Simply adding the relaxation formula to the theanine at bedtime then taking the melatonin has been very effective for me. A relaxation formula typically will include a variety of herbs such as magnolia, chamomile, lemon balm, valerian root, skullcap, hops and passion flower. Often magnesium and vitamin B6 is included, as well.

So, stop watching TV or reading the news online an hour before bed, make sure your bedroom temp is on the cooler side and nice and dark. Be sure your bed clothes are comfortable (or absent) and that your bed is supportive and loveable. At this time of the year stress and tension can hit us all with all of the planned activities. Embrace the wonderful energy of summer. Help yourself with a good nightís sleep!