Back to School: Superintendent reports smooth start on first day

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The new school year had a smooth start at Eureka Springs School District Monday.

Superintendent Bryan Pruitt said the Eureka Springs School District had a good first day.

“There are lots of kids here. It’s been pretty smooth up to this point,” he said. “So far, it seemed like the kids were all happy to be here. When you talked to them yesterday, they wouldn’t have been happy about coming back.”

Pruitt continued, “I’ve walked through the halls today, and the kids are all in their classrooms, working and smiling. Our teachers had a good break. It looks like they had a good smooth day and a good start back.”

The first day back was productive, he said, and didn’t have any major hiccups.

Pruitt said Eureka Springs has implemented a new curriculum in the elementary school, the American Reading Company (ARC) Literacy Lab.

“We’re excited to see how that goes. Our teachers are on board,” he said, “and we think it will be exciting for our kids to get to look at a new curriculum and learn not only as a classroom but also individually. We’re excited about that.”

Pruitt continued, “In high school, all of our students will be able to take their Chromebooks home, so that’s a nice addition there.”

He said the district also had about five students going over to Berryville for the C4 program Monday morning and will have some other students going to the North Arkansas College (NAC) Berryville campus next week for the MedProEd program.

“There are lots of opportunities,” Pruitt said. “We want to get in the classroom and work hard to get the students prepared. Hopefully, they will be successful when they get out, and good results will come in the end.”

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