Clear Spring School launches capital campaign for woodshop program

Thursday, June 20, 2019
Wisdom of the Hands founder Doug Stowe, left, and Spanish teacher Carmen Rose introduce Clear Spring School's new capital campaign on Friday, June 7.
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Clear Spring School launched the capital campaign for the Wisdom of the Hands Woodshop Program in the new Phyllis Poe Hands-on Learning Center Friday, June 7, where friends of the school gathered to hear about the exciting new addition.

The Phyllis Poe Hands-on Learning Center will house the current Wisdom of the Hands program led by craftsman Doug Stowe in addition to studios in cooking, art, dance, computers and a makerspace. The capital campaign is to help raise money for the renovation of the new space which includes a larger Wisdom of the Hands Woodshop.

Stowe discussed how important it is for children to have a "hands-on, hearts-engaged" education, which is a core element in the school's mission.

"The fundraiser was very successful and will help get our dream of a hands-on learning center moving forward," said board president Peggy Pot.

If you would like to help support Clear Spring's vision, contact development director Dawn Ward or office manager Carrie Brooks at 479-253-7888.

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