Bite into life

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Care of the mouth, teeth and gums is important. Chewing food improves nutrition and benefits mental health and heart health. The old psychological theorists such as Freud guessed that people with good health of their mouth, nose and sinuses had fewer fears and could live a better life. The story is he and a dentist friend surgically removed a woman’s nose in an attempt to “cure” her hysteria. This obviously didn’t work. However, anxiety, panic and traits of hysteria are related to how well a person breathes and how confident they are as a person. Other psychological theorists in the Gestalt tradition, theorized that people with good oral health could “bite into life” better.

Many have had braces put on their teeth or have had extensive dental care after decades of poor oral care. One thing common in their experience is that they feel better about themselves.

Getting timely professional care from your dentist is an important aspect of caring for yourself. There are, however, a few other things you can do. A good diet, supplementing with a good multiple vitamin with minerals and trace elements, brushing and flossing regularly and avoiding sugars are all good things. Like many, I hate flossing. I’ve found using a dental irrigator (mine is an Interplak) twice per day works great at getting food particles out of my gum line. I add 10-12 drops of grapefruit seed extract to kill plaque causing bacteria, keep my gums healthy and to freshen breath. By doing this, my dental cleaning has been greatly reduced as very little plaque is formed. Colloidal silver drops or goldenseal tincture in the irrigator should work well, too. I use a sonic type toothbrush with Tom’s toothpaste twice a day, two minutes at a time.

Be sure to take strong amounts of grapefruit seed extract tablets before and after any major gum work as the same troublesome bugs on the gums are a problem on heart valves too. Supplementing with CoQ10 or CoQh is great for healing of the gums and mouth, for strengthening the heart and improving overall energy. Seriously consider improving your “bite into life,” it‘s worth it.

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