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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Well, here we go. The yearly press for flu vaccination is underway. Whether or not you decide yay or nay to the vaccine, here is information on natural supplements which I like. In my experience, they not only are of help in reducing symptoms but also knock out the flu virus often dramatically, sometimes overnight.

Monolaurin is a single glyceride derived from lauric acid which in turn comes from raw coconut oil. It works as a sort of Trojan horse sneaking in to quickly deactivate the flu or cold virus. In fact, any type of virus that is lipid (fat) encapsulated will be rapidly dealt with. Most viruses have a lipid coating holding itself together and this is how monolaurin knocks it out. The virus pulls monolaurin into its coating and the lauric acid pops a hole in it before it can create more viral bodies. You do have to use very high doses of monolaurin, as soon as possible, to get on top of the replication (the virus doesn't reproduce –– it replicates) curve. Fortunately, I know of no side effect or contraindication for monolaurin. It can be used for bacterial infections, cold sore, herpes, Lymes, Bobcat Fever and is safe for both dogs and cats. We even hear of our dogs catching flu. Be sure the monolaurin is pure and potent.

Elder is an herbal. It comes as tea, capsules, syrup and lozenge. This is strongly antiflu and antiviral. The virus has sharp points on the outside of the lipid membrane. The sharp points imbed in your tissue and the virus empties its contents into you tissue where it incubates and produces thousands more. Elder blunts the sharpness of the point keeping it unlikely that it will incubate. It has been said that with the flu epidemic of World War I that those who did elder survived and those that didn't died. Elder is my signature herb and long ago was the first one I learned about. The only side effect is loose stool at high doses. I know of no contraindication with prescribed drugs. When making the tea, avoid the stems using only the dried flower or berries. Elder can be blended with other herbs such as peppermint and hibiscus both for flavor and added benefit.

Other choices include grapefruit seed extract, olive leaf and oregano. Of these, I like a combination of Monolaurin, grapefruit seed extract and elder. This combination works well against both the virus and  bacteria.

This flu was poorly guarded against by last year's vaccine. Literally, Mother Nature slipped medical science a mickie. The strain wasn't covered. Traditionally, peak is mid-February but now is the time to begin maximizing your vitamin D levels. Most people do well with 2000-5000 iu per day. Certainly up to 10,000 per day is called for in some people. New science indicates little to no risk at high doses.

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