Turpentine Creek featured in National Geographic article

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is featured in a National Geographic article released online Thursday, Nov. 14, as well as in the December print edition of the magazine.

The 30-page spread, written by Sharon Guynup, focuses on the big cat trade and all its facets such as cub petting, breeding and abuse. This article brings attention to the abuse that big cats face across the nation, shining light on the dark underbelly of the trade throughout the United States.

Turpentine Creek team members were interviewed about their firsthand experiences fighting the big cat trade, including their Colorado rescue in 2016, which became the largest big cat rescue in United States history to date. Turpentine Creek was honored to be selected as an example of one of the true sanctuaries that are located around the United States.

"Being part of the solution in the situations that big cats in America face daily is eye opening. Our goal at TCWR is to do what we can to end the abuse, neglect and cruelty that the animals we continue to rescue face due to breeding, cub petting, trading and selling," said TCWR president Tanya Smith.

Smith believes it is only through education that TCWR can change people's perceptions. With Nat Geo's audience of approximately a billion readers worldwide, Smith hopes this will make an impact.

"I am excited to see how Mrs. Guynup brings the industry to the readers," Smith said. "I believe we can solve the trade of big cats within our lifetimes."

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