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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Heads up, people. Reported by MedScape online was a bit of fascinating information regarding Alzheimer’s. Through serendipity, researchers from prominent universities found the unexpected presence of two distinct virus strains, never seen before, in the protein/amyloid tangles of the brains in nine of 10 people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Both are in the herpes family, though different from the common ailments like cold sores, zoster or genital. Apparently, they are dormant in brain tissue for a very long time then activate as we get older.

What’s exciting is that Monolaurin rapidly deactivates the herpes virus and does cross the blood brain barrier so it can get to the viral infection once it is active. Some concern, though, is how to tell if the virus is active or dormant, what dose to use and whether long term use would be beneficial or it would cause some level of inflammation in the brain.

Studies have shown common fish oil suppresses brain inflammation, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Also, researchers are not certain that the virus is the cause of Alzheimer’s either. If the virus is dormant, even monolaurin won’t have an effect.

Regular medicine still isn’t very good at dealing with viral infections. You see the little guys copy themselves (like on a Xerox machine) so quickly that they evolve so fast it is startling. If you make a synthetic medicine for a particular virus, chances are, the virus will shortly change just enough so that medicine isn‘t so good. Fortunately, Granny and her herbs aren’t so easily sidestepped.

The old herbalist would list many antiviral herbs growing in abundance sometimes just outside your door. There are supplements that have a good deal of science proving their usefulness against the virus and bacteria. The four I like best are Monolaurin, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Elder Flower and Olive Leaf Extract.

There is an amazing amount of science documenting the power and safety of Monolaurin and a good deal in support of Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE). There’s strong science documenting Elder for colds and nasal conditions as well as traditional herbs such as Olive Leaf Extract and Pau deArco. For colds, I like GSE or Elder and for flu -Monolaurin. Olive Leaf is great for the hepatitis viral family and Pau deArco is just amazing.

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