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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Garlic, also know as the Stinking Rose, is a powerhouse of health benefit to our aging bodies. We all know of the culinary use, especially in Italian and Asian dishes, because of the flavor depth it adds to the recipe. Many varieties of the bulb produce different flavors and sharpness/pungency. To most people, the Stinking Rose is not only delicious but is and has been used for hundreds of years as a medicinal food. It has been well-studied medically and a simple PubMed search extract lists pages of study abstracts.

Allicin and sulphur are the two most studied aspects of this medicinal food. It seems as though, broadly speaking, the two most beneficial uses of garlic is vascular (blood pressure and cholesterol) and as an antibacterial/antivirus. Allicin does the first and sulfur does the second with the caveat that adequate amounts actually get into your system. Iíll have more about that issue later.

From a nutrition point of view, which most people donít know or even think about, garlic is a low calorie powerhouse. The clove includes vitamins B6 and C, minerals manganese, selenium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, iron and a small amount of copper. Can you say yum, good for you and helps keep immunity up all at the same time? There is a wide range of garlic types so the list will change ó the darker the garlic, the less heart benefit as a rule of thumb.

Eating it as a food is a gift for most people but it is very difficult to get enough into your system to be powerful and useful. Mostly, this has to do with pungency but stomach acid degrades one of the two main aspects, namely allicin. When buying a garlic supplement, choose wisely as aging mellows the bulb but also reduces overall usefulness.

To get the full benefit of the garlic supplement, be sure it is an extract and be absolutely sure the label states that it is enteric coated. This coating allows full digestion in your small bowel bypassing the degrading effect of stomach acid. Check for the word ďstandardizedĒ as this means that each tablet will be the same potency as the one before it.

There is so much to be said about Garlic the powerhouse. I will do a second installment on different ailments and garlic in the next Natural Way column. For now, Iím wanting to cook and eat something with garlic butter on it. While writing this I got a strong yearning for something Italian ... I wonder why?

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