Eureka Springs High School's top grads reflect on success

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Eureka Springs High School valedictorian Morgan Price and salutatorian Mia Evans are excited to celebrate their high school experience with close-knit classmates, faculty and staff at the school’s graduation ceremony at 10 a.m. Saturday, May 22.

Price and Evans both enjoyed many extracurricular activities over the past four years. Price recalled being in Quiz Bowl and National Honor Society. She loves softball, Price said, and played on the school’s team her freshman year.

“I tried to start a team again this year and I got a team started, but the coach quit,” Price said.

Morgan Price

Evans said she was in “a lot of clubs,” including Rotary Interact, Art Club, Environmental Club, Quiz Bowl and National Honor Society.

“That’s just a few of them,” Evans said. “I also played soccer this year.”

She likes to stay busy, Evans said, so she’s always open to more extracurricular activities.

Mia Evans

“It gave me a really good opportunity to make friends and feel like I’m part of something,” Evans said.

For Price, extracurricular activities have helped her with personal growth.

“Typically, I work better on my own but being on a team helped me figure out how I can fit into place rather than everybody working around me,” Price said. “It helped me a lot with social skills.”

Evans said she loved learning in the Eureka Springs schools, saying her favorite class was chemistry. Price’s favorite class was anatomy.

“My brain is very science- and math-based,” Evans said.

Price shares a similar interest.

“I just think it’s really interesting to study how the human body works,” Price said.

Price and Evans plan to share a dorm room at the University of Arkansas Honors College, where they both look forward to studying science. Price said she plans to major in biochemistry and pursue pharmacy school after she completes her bachelor’s degree. For Evans, it’s all about statistics.

“Statistics is one of those majors that you can basically get a job anywhere because it’s a universal skill set,” Evans said. “I’m looking more at the scientific side of statistics.”

What’s their advice for incoming freshmen at Eureka Springs High School?

“Getting good grades is more about effort than intelligence,” Evans said.

“If you put in the effort, you get results,” Price said. “It’s actually doing your work that helps you out in the long run. Putting in the effort is your best bet toward success.”

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